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According to the latest research being conducted, it’s time that everybody starts rocking out. That’s right! Rock n’ roll has an impact on the brain, but in the most delightful way

It’s no secret that listening to any kind of music, in general, offers multiple benefits to people of all ages. Rock n’ roll is no exception.

Late British neurologist, Oliver Sacks, once said this: “The power of music to integrate and cure…is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical medication.”

Listening to music is so compelling that it can modulate the psychological and physiologic response to pain. A favorite song has the ability to release endorphins or natural opioids from the brain to intercept pain and encourage pleasurable feelings. Cognitive psychologist Daniel Levitin believes that “the brain’s own opioids are directly involved in musical pleasure.”

Rock tunes are even more potent for good health and happiness than other genres of music, say several university researchers:

For instance, headbanging music might sound extremely aggressive, but one study showed that hard music was actually relaxing and stress-reducing. Brisbane’s University of Queensland discovered that the participants in their group study noticed their anxiety fading away, and they felt more energized and ready to take on the world.

Another way rock and roll does a body good is through its ability to get the blood pumping. The music is effective at amping up circulation and boosting blood flow by 26%. Rock is heart-friendly and can help one maintain steady blood pressure, revealed researchers at the University of Nis in Serbia. The Institute of Cardiology there found that rock tunes when combined with exercise also enhance a person’s exercise capacity.

Attending a concert is beneficial to one’s sense of contentment, reports a study conducted by Victoria’s Deakin University in Australia. Sharing a live musical experience appears to lift the moods of those in attendance. More than 1,000 who enjoy going to concerts were surveyed and claim to possess a higher level of satisfaction with their lives.

Being around music can never hurt, especially for impressionable teens who take up a musical instrument. The value is evident if one looks at the research discovered. There’s a small increase in one’s IQ, an increase in ability to learn foreign languages, as well as a boost in literacy, verbal reasoning and memory.