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Tony West

Lead Singer – Blacklist Union

About Tony

Tony West is a singer/songwriter and the frontman of Blacklist Union, a hard rock band that debuted to critical acclaim and has since been hailed worldwide as the next big rock band.

Blacklist Union’s most recent album, “Back to Momo,” was described by former Guns n’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein as “the best record that he’s heard since ‘Appetite For Destruction.’”  Matt Zayne, famous or working with people like John 5, Zakk Wylde and Orgy, directed the video for “Back to Momo” single “Evil Eye.”

Tony was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He found his passion as a five year old kid; even at that young age, he knew that music was all he wanted to do. In the face of serious struggles with abuse that shaped Tony’s childhood (and are now often reflected in his hard-hitting lyrics), music was always there for him as an escape.

For me it’s like casting out darkness. Music is like magic to me. It has the ability to cast things out and to help other people relate.

Tony West

In his teenage years Tony ran away from the Bronx to Hollywood to see Guns n’ Roses perform live, and that kick-started his life in entertainment. He formed Blacklist Union in 2004. Over the next decade and to this day, the band has emerged as a contender in the rock n’ roll scene like no other, earning rave reviews and releasing songs with elements of everything from hard rock to the blues to Seattle grunge.

Over the years Tony West has worked with artists like Todd Youth (Agnostic Front; Cro-mags; Murphy’s Law; Danzig), Jay Gordon (Orgy), and Andrew Wood (Malfunkshun; Mother Love Bone) among many others. Tony even became the singer of Malfunkshun for a time, which was an unbelievable honor. He was the temporary lead singer of Tracie Gun’s L.A. Guns from 2011-2012 as well.

Tony has a couple of exciting upcoming projects and will even guest on “The Voice” soon. Blacklist Union will continue touring around the United States and hope to expand into parts of Europe as well. This site will share news and updates in Tony West’s singing career as they roll out. For more about what he and Blacklist Union have done in the past, check out

Everyone starts at zero. It’s up to you to reel in your talent.

Tony West



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