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Numerous studies indicate that music enhances learning and memory. Music also has the potential to encourage creativity, discipline and patience. It is not unusual for parents to naturally expose children to music during infancy. Certain songs have the ability to lull little ones to sleep. Other tunes make even the youngest children sway or bob to the beat of a song. As youngsters grow, there are many different ways to encourage a love of music.

Expand Your Music Library

Listen to music having lyrics in addition to instrumental music that appeals to your taste. Add different genres to your collection from the past to the present. This way, your child is exposed to many types of music, which will broaden their horizon. In time, they will choose their favorites. If your child enjoys the same music you do, that’s great. But you should give them the opportunity to explore their own style.

Encourage Singing

Sing along with your favorite songs in the presence of your child. Even infants soon get the idea and begin singing along in their cute little baby babble. Listening and singing also help youngsters learn to speak by imitating the sounds they hear.

Playing Instruments

There are a number of toys designed for young children that allow them to express their musical creativity. Some busy boxes and mechanical toys play tunes. Miniature drums, pianos, xylophones and other instruments are enjoyed by children of various ages of development.

Play the instruments with your child to encourage a sense of rhythm while they also learn beat and tempo recognition. Many schools offer musical education by introducing youngsters to simple instruments during grade school. Children may then progress to advanced instruments and become part of the school’s band, or form their own band.

Start Their Music Collection

Children usually begin to enjoy some of the same music as their parents. However, as they get older, they listen to the radio, talk with friends and develop their own tastes before arriving at their teen years. During this time, parents often start a child’s music collection by gifting them with CDs of their favorite artists.

Enjoy Live Music

Communities often host theatrical musicals or celebrations where live artists, bands or orchestras play. Attend these events with your child. Certain artists perform at venues across the country and present shows that are appropriate for young music lovers. Young teens especially become interested in attending live concerts. If you’re taking young children to a loud concert, consider bringing sound-cancelling headphones to protect their sensitive ears.

Music can be a great way to bond and connect with your children throughout their lives. In addition to teaching them about your music tastes, you might even begin appreciating different music they introduce you to.